Ellis Air Connect

Ellis Air Connect forms part of a larger group, Ellis Air, who since 1964 have been working with Tier 1 & 2 property developers who need innovative mechanical services and preventative maintenance programs. 

Now, Ellis Air Connect is transforming the industry. As an energy provider, we can significantly reduce your project CapEx by installing and maintaining physical assets such as plants at no cost to developers or building managers. It’s a major shift.

Ellis Air Connect is an approved electricity retailer and National Energy Market (NEM) member. We not only design, install and maintain your building’s utilities, we are also able to secure some of the best energy rates for your building, tenants and stay at the forefront of compliance.

We were established in 2020 after noticing major shifts when it comes to simplifying the building industry. Some of our team’s projects include Queens Wharf, Gallery House, 300 George Street, Roma hospital and more in Queensland. In Victoria, our team has worked on icons like Victoria One, Australia 108, Monash University and Prima Tower, amongst many other landmark buildings.

With a long history of successful projects and preventative maintenance programs for our clients, we are looking forward to moving into the next generation of simplified utilities with our partners and better-supporting tenants all over Australia.

Your Partner From Start To Finish

Ellis Air Connect is the expert at delivering building services on time, and on budget. From design, construction, commissioning through to maintenance and ongoing energy supply, our turnkey service is ideal for developers who construct:

  • Multi-story apartments
  • Offices and shopping centres
  • Sporting facilities
  • Education facilities
  • Hospitals and care facilities
  • Cleanroom environments, and more.