Ellis Air Connect

Body Corporate structures and Building Managers are faced with many ongoing challenges that include maintenance and compliance changes, administration overheads, operational costs and fees with suppliers. With Ellis Air Connect, we manage everything for you, and there are zero fees.

Ellis Air Connect can absorb all of your typical maintenance fees or asset upgrades into our energy supply services as an approved Australian energy provider. It’s transforming the industry for building managers, creating a true Energy-as-a-Service solution

Embedded Networks & Microgrids

Instead of having to negotiate and manage external energy suppliers who do not understand the nuts and bolts of your building, EA Connect is an approved electricity retailer and National Energy Market (NEM) member who can bulk-buy energy, supply and combine with our maintenance services. 

Our full services include central energy plant services, electricity and gas retail supply, metering services, billing, debt collection and cost-effective maintenance.

Simplifying Building Management

Ellis Air Connect delivers central energy plant solutions and power supply services that meet the 360 demands of developers, building operators and tenants of all kinds all across Australia.

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