Ellis Air Connect

Ellis Air Connect forms part of a larger group, Ellis Air, who since 1964 have been working with Tier 1 & 2 property developers who need innovative mechanical services and comprehensive maintenance programs. 

Now, Ellis Air Connect is transforming the industry. As an energy provider, we are reducing developer CapEx by installing and maintaining physical assets such as central energy plants at no cost to you.

Providing a true Energy-as-a-Service Solution

The Right Partner for Community Assets

Everything comes down to having the Design, Equipment Selection, Installation & Maintenance Regime perfectly aligned, so that the lifecycle operation of the required energy assets performs above expectations.

For decades we have been helping our customers get the right outcomes in behind-the-meter energy reduction and plant operation, now we can help maximise the benefits by managing the expectations on the National Energy Market too.

Embedded Networks & Microgrids

Instead of having to negotiate and manage external energy suppliers who do not understand the nuts and bolts of your building, Ellis Air Connect is an approved electricity retailer and National Energy Market (NEM) member who can bulk-buy energy, supply and combine with our maintenance services. 

Our full services include central energy plant services, electricity and gas retail supply, metering services, billing, debt collection and cost-effective maintenance.

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Design, Construction, Maintenance and Supply

Ellis Air Connect is the expert at delivering building services on time, and on budget. From design, construction, commissioning through to maintenance and ongoing energy supply, our turnkey service is ideal for developers who construct:

  • Multi-story apartments
  • Offices and shopping centres
  • Sporting facilities
  • Education facilities
  • Hospitals and care facilities
  • cleanroom environments, and more.

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