Ellis Air Connect

Ellis Air Connect forms part of a larger group, Ellis Air, who since 1964 have been working with Tier 1 & 2 property developers, builders, and facility managers who need innovative mechanical services and comprehensive maintenance programs. 

Now, Ellis Air Connect is transforming the industry as an inclusive energy provider, by providing a true Energy-as-a-Service Solution

Embedded Networks & Microgrids

Instead of having to negotiate and manage external energy suppliers who do not understand the nuts and bolts of your building, Ellis Air Connect staff have decades of experience in the design and maintenance of complex systems in buildings, and now, as an approved energy retailer,  can bulk-buy energy, supply and combine with our core services. 

Our full service range includes central energy plant services, electricity and gas retail supply, generation and storage, metering services, billing, customer care and cost-effective maintenance.

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Our Services

We offer a full range of services to support you, as during the lifecycle of the building, we will have been on the journey from early design to setting the systems up to operate. So in addition to services for energy, as we will typically have technicians regularly attending your facility, we can extend our maintenance and repair services to your home or business within the development in a cost-efficient way, and in some circumstances, partial coverage may already be included in your supply of services.

Our Solutions

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