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Electricity Surges and Spikes

  • Spikes and surges are caused by sudden increases in voltage in the electricity network.
  • This can be caused by storms, accidents, lightning strikes or something as simple as turning an appliance on or off.  If there is storm activity in your area it is a good idea to turn off and unplug any sensitive equipment if you can.  Lightning is the most common cause of surge and spikes causing damage.
  • Surges and spikes can cause damage or destroy your appliances.  They can even start fires.
  • The things most at risk are computers, printers, fax machines, TV’s DVD players, medical equipment or communication equipment.
  • You can buy surge protectors to protect your appliances and wiring.  Note – these are NOT the same as safety switches.  Surge protectors protect your appliances and a safety switch helps to protect people.
  • Ther are three types of surge protection:
    1. Portable
    2. Power point
    3. Main switchboard

Further information on surge protectors can be found on the Energex website www.energex.com.au on their safety page