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Gas and safety

Simple safety checks for your gas appliances, cylinders and/or gas meter

  • Check and inspect for signs of corrosion, damage or deterioration
  • Make sure there is nothing flammable near your gas appliances
  • Secure your gas cylinders and ensure they aren’t near any heat sources or ignition
  • Ensure your gas cylinder valve is sealed when not in use, even if the cylinder is empty
  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions for information about cleaning and maintenance of your gas appliance
  • Do a leak check of your gas system

How to do a leak check of your gas system

      • Place a good amount of detergent in a spray bottle with some water and combine.
      • With the gas turned on, lightly spray the mixture onto the:
        • meter or cylinder fittings
        • connection pipes or regulator hose
        • regulator
        • connection point to your portable gas device or house or business.
      • Look for bubbles anywhere from the cylinder to the connection point.
      • If you see any bubbles, you have a gas leak. Note the point of the leak and turn the gas supply off immediately.
      • Do not use the gas system until the leak has been fixed.
      • Once you have completed your check, wipe the soapy water off with clean water.

If you notice any gas leaks, contact your gas supplier or a licensed gasfitter.