Ellis Air Connect

Why is my bill so high?

Has your account been estimated?

  • This can be caused by modem connection dropouts in your digital meter.
  • When an account has been estimated, your meter provider will provide readings based on historic usage, usually for the same period the previous year.
  • If you are a new customer, estimated accounts are based on averages of similar customers over the same time period.

Is it because of the season?

  • During summer the increased use of air-conditioning will increase energy usage.
  • Winter will also influence how you use your energy because the days are shorter and cooler, for example:
    • Your lights are on for longer periods.
    • When the weather is cooler we tend to use heating.
    • With shorter, cooler days the use of clothes driers will increase.
  • Long periods of wet weather will also see the increase in the usage of clothes driers.

“As a rule of thumb, anything that heats, cools or has a motor will increase the usage of energy”

Is it a longer billing period?

  • Are there more days on this bill compared to your last bill?

Has there been an increase in tariff rates?

  • An increase in your electricity tariff will impact the cost of your bill

Why is my bill more expensive than my neighbours?

  • There can be many reasons for this, for example:
    • You have different types of appliances.
    • Your neighbour may have newer appliances and therefore more energy efficient.
    • Your neighbour may have less appliances than you.
    • You may have more people living in your household than your neighbour.
    • Everyone uses their energy differently – for example, if you use your oven more than your neighbour your energy usage will be higher.