Ellis Air Connect

An embedded network is basically an extension of the national energy distribution network, that is installed within private land to serve a multi-user community. The electricity and gas coming in off the national network is then divided up and either sent to the central energy plant, or directly to private residencies, retail units or businesses all forming part of the community.

The central energy plant uses these supplies of electricity and gas to power additional shared equipment, providing air-conditioning, district heating, domestic hot water, and ventilation. As the operators of this plant, we are typically the biggest single user of energy, and subsequently make the largest purchases of power from the national supply. 

Advantages of an Embedded Network

Since 1964, Ellis Air has been designing, installing, maintaining, and driving energy efficiency in use of these types of equipment. Now, with Ellis Air Connect, we can combine this experience with being an authorised energy retailer, to not only negotiate the best deals with energy supply for the central energy systems, but invite the rest of the community to be part of the bulk purchasing agreements, reducing energy supply costs for all.

In addition to installing and maintaining central systems that consume energy, we also provide systems that generate energy, such as solar, diesel or gas generators, and battery or thermal storage systems. All of which service the embedded network to reduce overall energy required from the national supply, or provide protection from peak time demands which can attract higher costs.


So by working together, it can be better for all……